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Lawn & Garden Supply

Seed, Straw, Fertilizers & pond chemicals

We have an extensive supply of lawn and garden supplies in the store, and, if there is something you need that we don't stock, we can order it for you. From grass seeds, to straw, fertilizers and pond chemicals, we have everything you need to care for your home lawn and garden.

We Specialize In...

We offer high-quality grass seeds and field pasture mixes from Oregon and Washington that grow well in our Midwest climate.
Many different fertilizer grade formulations are available in large quantities to provide your lawn and plants needed nutrients for all the different growing seasons.
We carry manufactured and organic products to help control insect and weed problems in your environment
A large array of chemicals to combat weed and algae infestation—to treat everything from backyard ornamental ponds to large acreage, rural ponds—are stocked in the store. As a service to our customers, we offer 'fish days' with Arkansas Pondstockers, allowing our patrons to restock their ponds and lakes with healthy live fish.
We carry Diamond Crystal and Dura Cube salt in 40-pound bags for your water softener. Both brands are available as regular salt, and salt with iron fighter. For farm use we offer plain and trace mineral salt blocks, salt with Selenium, and for home cooking, Morton Pure-X non iodized salt. During colder months, we sell rock salt ice melt products at both retail and wholesale prices, plus several other blends of salt and chlorides. We also carry non salt ice melt products such as urea and Paw Thaw.