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Welcome to Our Store

Within our 9,000-square-foot mill and manufacturing facility, we have a sales lobby stocked with myriad products for you to come and browse. You’ll find everything from birdseeds and birdhouses to humane animal cages and pet food.

Bird Feed
Our renowned proprietary bird seed mixes are formulated to attract all different kinds of songbirds throughout the seasons. We also offer individual ingredients, suet cakes and a variety of feeders.
Dog & Cat Food
We sell premium Blackwood dog and cat food made locally in Lisbon, Ohio, as well as Diamond Naturals and Taste of the Wild.
Small Pet Food
Our full line of Kalmbach feeds also includes food for guinea pigs. We also carry feed for rabbits, and fish.
Deer Corn
We make our own deer corn weekly. Choose from apple-flavored shelled corn, plain corn, or a corn and soybean blend.
Fred Dietz Workshop
Local woodworker Fred Dietz handcrafts one-of-a-kind wooden birdhouses and bird feeders using cedar wood for a long-lasting product.
Water Softener Salt
Available in 40-pound bags, we carry products—regular salt plus iron-out formulation—used to soften your water. Most of the salt is mined from under Lake Erie.
Ice Melt Products
We sell products ranging from rock salt to calcium chloride to urea, as well as pet-friendly ice melt products.

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